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                                   small GROUP  TOURS


Temple of Concord, Agrigento

Sicilyis unbelievably rich in beauty, in history, in arts, in culture. Walkamong the greatest Greek ruins anywhere, see incomparable Roman andNorman mosaics; explore remote hilltop villages and spectacularlandscapes; visit sites of Mafia and anti-Mafia activities; climbsmoking, fuming Etna (if she lets us). Siracusa, Agrigento, Taormina,Palermo, Monreale, Piazza Armerina, Marsala, Erice, Segesta, we touch everycorner of the island. Enjoy a Sicilian cooking class, traditionalcheese and pastry-making demonstrations, winery visits, wine tastings,and some of the best restaurants in Sicily.

SIZE: minimum 6 persons, maximum 18
LENGTH: 11 days
The itinerary differs with the season. 
        Please click here for winter~spring itinerary and here for summer~autumn itinerary

COST: € 2590 (€ 2690 for 2016 tours)

               upcoming "HIGHLIGHTS OF SICILY" tours:

(possible, if you're a group of 6 or more, email us),
                    September 28~October 8
(our ***Full-Monty Special***: more of Sicily,
                                                       more of us, & more of you, all at a 10 % discount.
                                                       See below.*)
                    October 16~26
                    November 5~15
(possible, if you are a group of 6 or more; email us)

                    March 19~29 (our popular Easter Festivals tour),
                    April 15~25
                    May 20~30 (incl. optional Greek Theatre Performance),
                    June 10~20 (incl. optional Greek Theatre Performance),
                    July 8~18 (incl. Palermo Santa Rosalia festival),
                    August (possible if you're a group of 6 or more, email us),
                    September 9~19
                    October 7~17
                    November 4~14
                    December (possible if you are a group of 6 or more; email us)

Tours will run if at least 6 people sign up.  Tours fill at 15~16, so a
dditional tours may run in any month when there is enough demand.   Check with us.

Full Monty Tour: Normally, only one of us lead a Sicily Highlights Tour (of up to 15 people). But each of us has different qualities, different emphases, and it occurred  to us why not join forces and offer one tour with all three of us--Lucia, Stephen, and Douglas? Hence a "Full Monty". The number of you will now go up to 30 maximum (thus 1 of us / 10 of you, still a cozy ratio).  All at a 10% discount. However, if the number of people who sign up does not exceed 15, then the Full Monty tour reverts to a normal Sicily Highlights Tour.



10 Days (day before Palm Sunday to day after Easter Monday)

No one does Easter week with the same spectacle and deep feeling of Sicilians. This is Catholicism with all the splendor of the Resurrection with more than a splash of pagan devilment. We will cross Sicily, from festival to festival, discovering regional festival foods, and seeing the major tourist sites along the way.

COST: € 2650

TOUR DATES: 18~29 March, 2016

Click here for more details



ROME AND NAPLES -- the Grandeur of Ancient Rome

12 days

These two cities display the urban life of the ancient Roman world in the two greatest open-air archaeological museums in the world: Rome, the metropolis, the father of our sense of what it means to be civilized and urban. Rome, the center of Western Civilization in the ancient world and in the medieval Christian world. Rome, the incomparable, the Eternal. And Naples, where ancient city life is displayed more clearly than anywhere else (Pompeii and Herculaneum), with stunning Bourbon palaces, and the most amazing vibrant street life in Italy.

This tour is being organized by the Fromm Institute of the University of San Francisco, USA,  based on our two adult lecture series this spring on the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. Of course, it is open to anyone interested in an intellectually challenging tour of Ancient Rome and Naples.

dates: 6~17 November, 2015
cost: € 2950 ($ 3290)

Click here for the detailed itinerary

Contact us (through the "contact us" page) to join this tour


                  Other places we go and things we offer

We do more than those regularly scheduled trips listed above. 

For example, we offer cooking classes (check with us).

<= This is Alessia, master chef, with cannoli we made in her class.

And about once every year we offer a trip outside of Sicily or Italy. 
We have led tours to:
            Greece (Peloponnesus),
                         (this is the great 9C mosque
                         of Kairouan, Tunisia =>)

We will be going to these places again soon.  If you are interested ask (through the "contact us") page, or check this space.