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                                              S  I  C  I  L  Y

 "the clue" to understanding Italy & our Greco-Roman Heritage

The greatest Greek temples and theatres, the finest Roman mosaics, World Heritage baroque palaces, ancient stone hilltop villages, the matchless Arabic-Byzantine gold of Monreale, gardens by the blue, blue sea, and absolutely great cooking.

Sicily is also the land of myth and history, monsters and heroes, including Cyclops, Ulysses, Aeneas, Sappho, Empedocles, Theocritus, Archimedes, Cicero, Santa Lucia, Frederick II, Bellini, Garibaldi, Pirandello, Falcone, Al Pacino, and Inspector Montalbano.

As Goethe said,
                                "To have seen Italy without without having seen Sicily
                                  is to not have seen Italy at all,
                                  for Sicily is the clue to everything."

SICILY TOUR is a small cultural exchange company, specializing in intelligent and insightful visits to Sicily and Italy.

With over twenty years of experience,
and living in the ancient heart of Siracusa, Sicily's most historic city,
we are the experts . . . or we know who is.


                We are

             Douglas Kenning
             Stephen Davies
             Lucia Davies
             and associates

                Your Sicily Hosts
                 and Storytellers

Our popular itineraries include:

Small Group Tours:  our 11-day Highlights of Sicily tour offered monthly (see "Small Group Tours"), minimum size 4 persons, maximum 16 (ave. size 10).

               upcoming "HIGHLIGHTS OF SICILY" tours:

(if you're a group of 4 or more
                                  and are tough enough for Sicily in August, email us),
                    September 12~22
(FULL at 14 persons)
                    September 26~October 6
                    October 10~20
                    November 4~14
(possible if you are a group of 4 or more; email us)

                    March 12~22
                    March 28~April 7
(our popular Easter Tour, see "small group tours"),
                    April 26~May 6
                    May 17~27
                    June 12~22
(incl. Greek Theatre Performance),
                    July 5~15
(incl. Palermo Santa Rosalia festival),
(possible, if you're a group of 4 or more, email us),
                   September 11~21
                    September 27~October 7
(our special ****Full-Monty Tour****:
                                                                 more of us, more of you, at a 16% discount)
                    October 16~26
                    November 5~15
(possible if you are a group of 4 or more; email us)

Customized Tours: personalized tours for couples and groups of family and friends, tailored for your special interests or timetable.

Culinary & Cultural tours: Sicilian cooking classes, festivals (including Sicilian Easter), farm and winery tours, chefs and cuisine.

Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Puglia, and our favorite back roads to historic treasures.

Mediterranean Forays: periodic trips to Greece, Jerusalem, Tunisia, and beyond (see "small group tours" for upcoming schedule).

Carnivale parade in
the eastern Sicily town
of Acireale

•  tel / fax (Italy):  (0039) 0931-60977   
•  snail mail: "Old Times", via Cavour 18/20, Siracusa, Sicily, 96100, Italy
•  email: