For over twenty years we've been helping people of Sicilian descent from all over the world discover the roots of their Sicilian ancestry. We've connected people with distant relatives and arranged first meetings (we'll translate!) and designed tours around visiting towns where our guests' families once lived. 

Sicilians take family very seriously and reconnecting with your long-lost Sicilian cousins can be a specially meaningful and emotional event. 

Poppy Aresco Hepp, of Middletown, CT, reports

"Lucia made our trip to Sicily memorable... The purpose of our trip was to visit our Sicilian ancestors in Melilli and Canicattini Bagni and Floridia. We had no expectations other than we wanted to see the area they grew up in. Lucia researched and took us to where our families lived and we even met distant relatives. In Melilli she was able to get us into the Basilica of St. Sebastian (the replica in Middletown, CT) which hosts the very famous yearly festival. On that day the church assistants kindly opened the vault for us and we were able to see the patron St. Sebastian, which doesn't happen very often. It was a truly emotional experience." 

If you'd like to find and visit your long-lost relatives or visit towns where your ancestors once lived, find out where your family is from, or do anything else related to your Sicilian roots, we'd be more than happy to help. Please contact us directly for details.