Scicli, Ragusa Province

Scicli, Ragusa Province

Prices are quoted in euros because that is how we calculate expenses, and because our clients come from a variety of countries.  Also because if we quote you a price in your currency as much as a year before a tour, by the time you pay, the exchange rate could have gone haywire one direction or the other, and we are too small a company to absorb what that might mean on an average 8~10 person tour. 

What our euro price translates into in your home currency depends on when you do the bank transfer.  That is, the rate your bank uses at the time of payment will determine what your pay in your home currency. If you are clever at it, you can try to watch the day-by-day rates and pick an advantageous time to transfer. Occasionally the price is also quoted in US dollars. In that case, you can pay that amount, though there still will be an exchange fee when the banks exchange it into euros.

Group Tour Costs

Prices vary by tour size and seasonal itinerary changes.

See the Small Group Tours page or contact us to find the price for your tour. On the itinerary page for each tour you can find a detailed list of what is and is not included in this fee. There are no other costs (except single supplement and bank fees, see below).

Private Tour Costs

Tours in which we work with you to tailor a custom itinerary

  1. Daily compensation for your guide / host (one of us) of € 250. Obviously, the more folks you have in your group, the lower the per-person cost. Tours of less than a full day will be prorated down. Discounts available for private tours over 5 days.

  2. Transportation. If the tour requires an automobile or van, we'll arrange it (usually through a rental company such as Avis) and charge you for the rental, gas, tolls, and parking, folded into one basic rental car charge (which can be itemized upon request). You may also choose to make your own car rental arrangements instead. Air travel can also be arranged through our parent company Mondo Midani Vacanze (of Prenota Sicilia).

  3. Food & Lodging for the guide / host. When the itinerary involves booking overnight lodging (which is true 7 of the 10 days on a typical Highlights Tour, there will be a charge of €100 per day for our food and lodging.

  4. Administrative costs. Once we have agreed on a tour and begin planning your visit, there will be a fee for our office work (composing itineraries, making arrangements, reservations, etc.), which will apply to all itineraries that have been agreed, even if they are canceled later. This administrative fee will be €200 for all itineraries longer than a week, €100 for itineraries from four to seven days, €50 for two to three days, and waived entirely for visits of one day or less.

Bank Fees

Banks always charge fees when transferring money and changing currency. The sending bank (your bank) charges appear on your bank statement. The receiving bank (our bank) also charges handling fees. We require that you to pay the fees charged by our bank. Tell your bank to send us the exact tour cost in euros, plus €20 to cover our bank's receiving costs. 

Single Supplement (. . . . 'sorry')

Hotels are increasingly charging single travelers almost as much for a single room as for a double room. It is a sad state of affairs for the single traveler, but because of this we are forced to add up to 30% to the Group Tour price for anyone on a group tour who wants a single room. Single travelers on a group tour who want to avoid that extra cost should find a travel partner, or ask us if there is another single traveler on the tour who might want to share a room. 

How to Pay

Once we have all agreed on the itinerary and price, and you have read the information on this page, then you can pay by credit card or bank transfer (we'll tell you how).

deposit: once you’ve decided to join us, a deposit of €1000 will hold your place. You do not have a place on the tour without us having your deposit

final payment: no later than 100 days before tour start, please send in the final payment. Again, this is necessary to secure your place on the tour.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation by US

Sicily Tour reserves the right to cancel any Highlights of Sicily tour that does not meet our minimum of six persons and to cancel any tour when touring conditions are not deemed safe for any reason (weather, social unrest, or political upheaval)

If we cancel, everyone who has made any deposits or other payments will receive a full refund. 

Cancellation by you

The strange, pagan tradition of Easter "devils", in the town of Prizzi, Palermo Province

The strange, pagan tradition of Easter "devils", in the town of Prizzi, Palermo Province

  1. Failure to pay the full amount by the payment due dates (see above) will result in cancellation of the reservation and will be as if you had notified Sicily Tour of cancellation.

  2. Those who cancel 90 days or longer before the tour will receive a full refund less a 10% administrative charge.

  3. Those who cancel between ninety days and three weeks before the tour will be assessed 50% of the full tour cost.

  4. Those who cancel less than three weeks from the commencement of the tour, or fail to appear without notification of cancellation, will be assessed 75% of the full tour cost.

Please note:

  • Most of the hotels we use are smallish, personal, with not many rooms; therefore their cancellation policies are very strict, and this drives our own Cancellation Policy.

  • Arriving late or departing early from the tour, or otherwise missing activities on the itinerary, for any reason, will not result in any refund, unless the client has reached agreement with Sicily Tour in advance of the situation. Even if we have agreed to your absence, any refund will include only unprepaid meals and unused entrance fees.


Sicily Tour is fully insured, with full public liability for any mishaps that are our responsibility.

That covers us, but you have to cover yourself. That is, to avoid losing money paid to the airlines and to Sicily Tour (see "Cancellation Policy" above), in the event of last minute personal emergencies, unforeseen travel interruptions, or medical issues while on our tour, Sicily Tour strongly advises clients to purchase travel and health insurance.


La Martorana, Norman, ca. 1143, Palermo

La Martorana, Norman, ca. 1143, Palermo

Payment for any tour is for all services listed on the itinerary, except for those described as "optional", and except for some listed meals.  Meals identified as "included", are paid for, but none others.  No substitutions for "included" items are permitted. Clients who choose not to avail themselves of any of the prepaid included services for any reason outside the responsibility of Sicily Tour, are free to do so, but they will not be refunded for prepaid services not used. 


We take full responsibility for all operations of Sicily Tour under our control.  But we assume no responsibility for delays, losses, or damage to persons or property caused by any non-Sicily Tour person, firm, corporation, or other entity providing hotel, transportation, restaurant, or other entity providing services to our tours. This being Sicily, with its own careless idiosyncrasies, stuff sometimes happens. We do promise to do our best in helping to solve problems that arise, from whatever cause.