Sicily Tours pride ourselves on traveling light. See a fuller discussion of this under "Transportation".  We allow:

One medium sized suitcase, no larger than 18 x 11 x 28 in. (48 x 28 x 70 cm).

plus one purse or shoulder bag that you may have to carry on your lap in the minivan.

If you exceed this limit we will not be able to transport your excess luggage and you will have to make arrangements to have it shipped to each hotel in turn, or shipped to your final hotel and stored (at cost) if the hotel is willing to do that. For advice on how to pack lightly, please see our guide: "Travelling Light and Packing Wisely" as well as our Sicily Tour packing checklist.

Also, some of the smaller, more charming hotels in the traditional style that we like to use do not have staff who will be able to carry the luggage of the group. On occasion you may be asked to carry your bags from our vehicle to your room, including up stairs. This is another reason to pack light. Of course, our guide will gallantly assist the one of you who struggles most with his or her one bag.

2. Arrivals

We will pick you up at the Catania airport on the first day of your tour, but can make only one airport pickup. The airport pickup will be scheduled in the window of 11am – 2pm, time to meet the majority of arriving flights. Please schedule your arrival in this window. Earlier arrivals will have a long wait, arrivals after 2pm will be asked to pay for their own bus or taxi to Siracusa.

We will wait at the arrivals terminal with a "Sicily Tour" sign, perhaps with your name printed on it. From the luggage collection area, exit through the sliding glass doors and look for our representative in front of the Parafarmacia. If for some reason you don't see us, please call us immediately at (+39) 3348828397

If you miss a connecting flight, have some unexpected problem, or choose to arrive outside the arrival window you will need to catch a bus or taxi to Siracusa. That is,

airport bus. You can find the bus ticket kiosk exiting the terminal to the right.  It has the timings for the once per hour Interbus to Siracusa. Ticket costs approximately 6 euro. With the ticket, go and stand under the "Interbus" sign. The bus takes an hour and a half. Call us (the number above) if you can. If you can't, take the Siracusa bus to the end of its run, getting off only when every last person has exited.  Then take a taxi to your hotel.  

airport taxi from the airport takes around 40 minutes. If you contact us sufficiently in advance, we can arrange pickup for around 65 euro. If you hail a taxi at the airport directly, it will cost around 100 euro. Ask the taxi to take you to the hotel.

In all, if you can tell us well in advance that you will miss the arrival window, we can make the getting here easier and if you keep us informed of your movements, we will try to meet you.

3. Departure

Lucia at the Siracusa market

Lucia at the Siracusa market

We offer free airport transfer (Taormina to Catania) on the final day of the tour. But can make only one airport dropoff and will time this airport transfer to meet the needs of the majority of the individuals on the tour. Most departures are mid to late morning, so please schedule your flights accordingly.

As with arrivals, if you miss our departure van or taxi, we are happy to coordinate bus or taxi travel. It will be at your expense, but arranging taxi travel with us will always save you around 25% of the normal taxi cost.

Keeping us informed of what you're doing is very helpful to you and to us. Which brings us to, 


If you intend to carry a mobile phone, please give us the number before your departure. If you are coming from outside Europe, please make sure to check with your carrier to ensure that your phone has been unlocked for European service before leaving your country of origin.

5. What Your tour cost Pays For

Please see the "Prices and Payments" section.

6. Itineraries are Subject to Change

Part of the charm of Sicily is that it is full of surprises. Part of the frustration of Sicily is that it is full of surprises. Without warning, museums and other institutions may close (staff may decide to lock the door and go have a coffee), events may be canceled or rescheduled, and new events and institutions may spring up suddenly. If we change a portion of our itinerary, it is because we have been forced to by unforeseen changes, or because we have found a better, more exciting option. When it is the former, we will find an equally fantastic substitute to canceled events or closed institutions. In either eventuality, we promise to let you know as soon as possible about any changes to a scheduled itinerary.

7. Disabilities and Other Medical Conditions

Any pre-existing physical, mental, or emotional disability that may require treatment or attention must be reported to us prior to the beginning of the tour. Failure to do so can result in being asked to leave a tour. We reserve the right to remove from a tour anyone who acts in a manner inimical to the harmony or safety of the group. We care deeply about the welfare of our guests, and if a disability or condition is incompatible with the safety and enjoyment of other members of a tour, our first responsibility is to the group.

8. Responsibilities

We assume no responsibility for delays, losses, or damage to persons or property caused by any person, firm, corporation, or other entity providing hotel, transportation, restaurant, food, beverage, or other services incidental to these tours.  See our "Prices and Payments" section.